Learning through Making Video Games

TechKnowHow® Education teaches teens and young adults how to design their own computer games in a simple and empowering way.

Our courses are based on the successful game design classes which our organization has taught to students, ages 9-18, over the past 10 years in classrooms, summer camps, and GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) programs.

How does a student take a course?

Classes are available through schools and other organizations.

Courses are self-paced.
Each course contains approximately 20 video lessons, and generally takes between 6 and 14 hours to complete.

Each lesson demonstrates the steps to build a video game. A student can pause the lesson at any time, and switch to Game Maker to build their video game. When they complete a step in their game, they can switch back to the tutorial and continue viewing. At the conclusion of all the lessons, the student will have a complete working video game!

What is included in a course?

Each course contains seven sections which teach game design and computer science skills. Look through each section for more details. There is a sample video lesson under the first section, Build Your Game.

Build Your Game

Step-by-step video instructions to guide students as they make a working video game. The instructions teach game design and computer science skills.


Students receive a set of professionally created graphics, music, backgrounds, and sound effects to incorporate into each video game.

Customize Your Game

Students are given ideas to customize and add new features to their video games. In the process, students solidify the skills that they have learned.

Extend Your Learning

Students learn programming by writing simple code that adds to their video game. Plus, questions & research topics to stimulate thinking about game design.

Assess Your Game Design Skills

Students can review what they've learned and test their game design knowledge with an optional quiz – either online or in print form!


Students can use our online help area to receive answers to common questions relating to the lessons. Plus, our game team is available through e-mail support.

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